Remembering You

Nine years it has been since you left for the heavenly abode
Not a day passes by, without you crossing my every thought’
Sleepless nights I have endured besides the agonizing tears
Hugging my teddy bear tight, I gaze at that twinkling star
There were many-a-times when I felt like dying – to be with you
Oh Mother! Not only did I lose you, I lost my world along with you
I find myself wondering If Almighty punished me for something
He took you away and left me alone when I was just sixteen
With whom should I share these feeling of sorrow and loneliness
Sometimes I come by your grave to say these very emptiness
Look Ma, Your little girl has turned big in all these vacant years
I hope you have been watching me from somewhere’ up there
Please be my strength and my guide for what lays ahead in future
The past journey hasn’t been easy – all I need is love and nurture
Remembering you’ every moment and feeling your presence everywhere
Dear Mother, I love you more and more even if you aren’t really here