The Phoenix and Dove

From the valleys and beyond
A precious story to be told

Of despair and hope
Of an angst and love 

Two wandering souls once meet
Neither to stay Nor to part

They pursue for the infinite
To be fixed in other’s definite

Disappointed, fallen and lost
They end up in each other’s throat 

Days turns into months and ages
Memoirs turns hazy in cages

One to rise from the ashes
and the other to mourn the beloveds 

From the valleys and beyond
The phoenix and a mourning dove.


Here’s to you

As I wander through this abyss of separation
Emptiness haunts me and I crave for some affection

You were a drug to me and I was addicted to the very core
So blind I was in love, its after-effects are still very sore

No, I am not complaining about your deceit and lies
Instead, I am grateful to you for making me feel alive

The stories we shared and the infinite kisses we stole
Embracing each other and the long walks we stroll

Those funny moments of farting and making stupid faces
Memories we made in plenty to last more than our ages

Our love was wonderful and for-a-long time it will linger
Thank you for the wonderful moments, wish it had lasted longer

Gosh! It may take years to forget you completely
All thanks to undying love and its bitter-sweet-symphony

I still don’t understand why you did this to me?
When ‘Let’s always be together’ was what you always told me

Nevertheless, I forgive you and wish you happiness forever
With these final words let me adieu, ‘Goodbye My Lover


Remembering You

Nine years it has been since you left for the heavenly abode
Not a day passes by, without you crossing my every thought’
Sleepless nights I have endured besides the agonizing tears
Hugging my teddy bear tight, I gaze at that twinkling star
There were many-a-times when I felt like dying – to be with you
Oh Mother! Not only did I lose you, I lost my world along with you
I find myself wondering If Almighty punished me for something
He took you away and left me alone when I was just sixteen
With whom should I share these feeling of sorrow and loneliness
Sometimes I come by your grave to say these very emptiness
Look Ma, Your little girl has turned big in all these vacant years
I hope you have been watching me from somewhere’ up there
Please be my strength and my guide for what lays ahead in future
The past journey hasn’t been easy – all I need is love and nurture
Remembering you’ every moment and feeling your presence everywhere
Dear Mother, I love you more and more even if you aren’t really here


The Something Else

Some feelings are hard to express
And some better left unexpressed

Happiness with no bounds is what I feel
Life with you rolls like a movie reel

It’s like the sense of a beautiful beginning
You and I – I wish there will be no ending

Like the fluttering of the beautiful daffodils
Our friendship blossomed – an emotional journey uphill

Deep inside my heart, I cry a fear
Why can’t we name this, eyes pour out a tear

Though this may be wrong, yet it feels so right
Fate brought us together, let’s make it bright

The something else it is – like something so surreal
Then I see your enchanting smile – and it’s definitely real


Dear Nicotine Dear Nicotine

1-Uwq1ouLSOYTN-7XgTx-yswDear Nicotine Dear Nicotine,

You’ve always been through one’s thick and thin
No wonder you are the one true absolute darling

You Come ‘in small’, you Come ‘in King’
Varieties and flavors of you Swing and Cling

Time seems to slow by and brain starts to work faster
and with every single puff, one feels like its already Easter

In times of need and despair, you are always there
May be that’s why them non-smokers say you aren’t fair

If and only if, you weren’t so dangerous and harmful
Gosh! Don’t you think it would have been so wonderful

You become one’s passion, more than one’s addiction
Slowly and vulnerably, you become one’s blood-relation

Cancer to the mouth, throat and lung is how you repay
Countless moments of pleasure and you leave one in total dismay

Its never too late to give up – it may sound too tough
But know this, ” Impossible is ‘I m possible’ ” – even though how rough

There does comes a moment when reality sinks and one finally starts thinking
oh! what a burden you have been and you were good for nothing

And that’s when one really gives a try to Quit Smoking
After all, every good thing or bad thing has an ending

Dear Nicotine Dear Nicotine